Who Died in Your House?

death on property
Photo Credit: Nukamari via Compfight cc

Whether you're looking for a property to purchase, or just a rental for a short term stay, the idea of a death on a property freaks most people out.  No one wants to live with the thought of ghosts or bad karma within their walls.  Now you can ensure that you don't accidentally end up in a haunted house with a new website.  A recent article from ABC News pointed out this website, recently, and it seems rather interesting.  DiedinHouse runs a search with a proprietary algorithm  to scour news and legal outlets for information on property deaths.  It even gives out certifications to publicize that a property is death free.  This service comes with a fee, however.  $11.99 gives you a single search, and there's a variety of pricing options for larger search packages.  The price tag is reasonable enough to try out for a real purchase, or just for fun on the property in which you currently live.

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