Professional Property Management: What to Look for in a Property Manager

residential propertyReal estate investors in the Phoenix market have had their share of ups and downs in the past decade.  Those fortunate enough to have retained property despite the recession probably understand the headaches involved in managing a property.  Managing multiple properties only compounds these headaches.  This is where property managers can provide a valuable and efficient service to investors - by relieving the headache of the day to day management of real estate.

When GoldenWest Management (GWM) setup our professional property management services in Phoenix years ago, we noticed that this market was especially ripe for investing.  Property was cheap, which allowed savvy and even new investors to snatch up distressed, bank-owned, and foreclosure properties for pennies on the dollar, and turn them into rentals for some nice cash flow.  As these investors acquired more property, they realized that they couldn't sustain the management of these income properties while still keeping their focus on acquiring new properties, or even worse, keeping their day jobs!  They needed help, but had many questions about professional management.

That is where we came in.  We opened up the process, and made it as transparent as possible.  We walked them through their questions, and worked with them to find a solution.  Our only problem was that we could only do this helping one client at a time.  This is why we started this property management blog - to reach more landlords, and help them find the answers that they seek.  This brings us to a new series that we at GWM are starting.  In the coming weeks, we will be publishing the series, Professional Property Management: What to Look for in a Property Manager.  There will be 4 parts to this series, to include:

Part 1 - Property Management Fees

Part 2 - Repairs and Inspections: What is a reasonable expectation?

Part 3 - Property Management: Does size matter?

Part 4 - What is the best way to handle a problem Tenant?

Part 5 - Eviction Services

Part 6 - Tenant Selection

Part 7 - What is the best way to price my rental home?

We hope this series will help our readers and customers educate themselves on the business of property management.  Please join us by reading along as we go.  If you find that you have unanswered questions along the way, feel free to leave us a comment.   As always, thank you for stopping in!  RDFGXMGFS8J2